Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nachos? Hot Dog? Soda??

Home from Jessica's softball game which I didn't really see any of since I was working in the Snack Bar! Had a nice time visiting with the other moms and serving up the nachos and lots of candy for the kiddies!

We didn't get home until almost 9:00 after stopping at Jack In The Box for dinner or JIB as hubby likes to call it.

While Trevor was riding is scooter around at the game, I notice him bringing this napkin over to Scott. I was like hmm that looks weird. Scott jumps up and walks out of my line of vision. Some little prick teenager had wrote a bunch of FU's on the napkin and said to stay the F away little boy or something like that and then gave it to Trevor and told him it was his autograph. Of course when my 6'6" 280 pounds of husband is walking over to the kid he trys to say his friends did it lol. Scott gave him the napkin back and told him to dispose of it and to be nice to little kids but probably not in that polite manner lol. Kid probably crapped his pants when he saw him coming.

Oh and Jessica's team... LOST.. big suprise!!Pin It

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