Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mom Taxi

Well today seemed pretty unproductive! Picked up Jessica and 2 of her friends after church and took them to the mall. Afterwards went to Home Depot and got a new hose and new sprinkler. Planted the flowers I bought yesterday at the Farmer's Market. Started to organize some of my scrapbooking things but the computer called me away lol. Tried to watch a movie but Trevor kept making too much noise so gave up. Went and got Jessica and her friends and brought them back here. One of the moms came and picked up the other two. Guess she wasn't happy that I didn't stay at the mall but funny thing is no one said anything to me either before or after. I never planned on hanging out at the mall all day with 3 14 year olds. Guess maybe next time she'll take them :O) Made dinner and finished watching the movie, which was kind of dumb. It was In The Land of Women. Could maybe have been a better story with some better acting and a little more excitement. It was REALLY slow. Made Easy Chicken Cacciatore for dinner, that was pretty good, only thing left is the 2 wings which no one likes but me. Waiting for Trevor to get out of the shower so we can go to bed. Scott is already in bed. He had a busy day of finally painting some of the pieces to his car that he's been working on as long as we have been married (almost!). The day that thing is all in one piece again and RUNS we'll have to throw a freaking party. Of course he painted his pieces outside in the back yard so I couldn't finish mowing back there, which is what I REALLY wanted to get done today. Oh and I watched Oprah's Big Give. Which I haven't seen all the rest of them but this one wasn't too exciting, and it was the finale. Scott of course is an Oprah hater and thinks she only does things for a tax right off which kind of pisses me off that he thinks that way. Since of course he NEVER does anything for anyone else so he wouldn't understand anything about giving to people that are need help unless you are getting some kind of personal benefit out of it. Tomorrow is back to work. boooooooooooooPin It

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