Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Something done!

Well what I really wanted to do when I got home was go climb in my bed but instead I just cleaned up most of the kitchen. I went and got my pearls and heels on so the kids could get a pic of me. hehe. I can see the top of the table and I'd almost eat off the floor. Pulled out the fridge and the kids got all excited to find their long lost toys :hork: Of course there was plenty of dog hair to go with it!

Scott called around 4:30 to tell me he got in a fender bender. So funny because just about a week ago we got in a little squabble in the car because he was riding the car in front of us so close and I of course being the best "backseat driver" I can be was freaking out. He was pointing out that HE had never rear ended ANYONE, unlike ME. Hehehe so needless to say I think it's kind of funny. Obviously he's driving a POS truck and the other guys car was fine and he will still be able to drive the truck most likely.Pin It


KatBouska said...

Hate to say I told you so can sometimes feel SO good. :) Hopefully your car is ok!!

Mama Dawg said...

Don't you just love it when Karma comes and kicks someone in the ass?!

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