Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taking a break

from the dreaded laundry. I think I just put away about 10 loads of laundry. Of course there is still tons more to wash. It amazes me that we have so much dirty laundry when it seems like no one ever has enough clothes!!

Scott is grocery shopping with Jessica, kind of enjoying this sending him to the store with a list. He's done it a few times now and does a great job! One less thing for me to have to do.

Yesterday afternoon/night I went shopping with 2 of my favorite people, Carolyn and Dee. We went to Fashion Bug and then to Kohls and dinner at Panda Express. My friend Dee had gastric bypass last June and has lost over 165 pounds. She is looking great! It's fun to go shopping with her. When she weighed 385 pounds shopping was no fun but now she is just above 200 and is having a great time! Carolyn & Dee helped me pick out 2 pairs of sunglasses. Now I won't have to be all squinty when the sun is out :O)

Afterwards we went over to Brenda's house for a scrapbooking crop. I finished up my titles on the pages I have been working on since January! Just need to do New Years Eve and my book will be done for last year. Brenda had a bunch of people there and actually had to turn 2 people down! Probably helped that she was having a sale 30% some items she had in stock, that's just breaking even for her so a great deal for the customers! I got another little memory mate case thingy, I'm sure I can use it for something :O)Pin It

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