Sunday, April 27, 2008

Birthday Bash

So we are home from my Mom's house and my step dad's "birthday party".

I got my step dad this boxed set of movies. They are old movies and the set is called "Gansters" (volume one of course lol). Hopefully he likes them, he seemed to think it was cool. He loves Godfather movies and stuff like that so he should like them.

I think my mom worked her ass off, literally getting ready for the party because she looked like she could hardly move. I know that feeling! She always stresses so much when people are coming over and then ends up not enjoying the party because she's so tired. I did that on Easter and it sucks. It would be nice if our houses were always "party ready" but the only people I know that are like that are either OCD or have people come clean their houses lol.

Well we have to do that W thing tomorrow and I'm exhausted already. Going to go throw some more clothes in the washer and go read my book. Hope you had a nice weekend!!

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The Birthday Boy
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Barb said...

I know what you mean about "hosting" a party and working so hard that you don't enjoy it. I really wish I could get a "do over" on my daughters wedding. Once it was happening I should have just let it go and enjoyed myself instead of stressing the whole time to make sure everyone else had a good time!

allaboutattitude said...

Hi. Nicely said.
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