Friday, April 25, 2008


So I was TRYING to post a cute picture but it's not working. Oh well. So it's FRIDAY!! Doing the Friday song and dance in my head. Have you ever heard that? Might have to find it and post a link here, they play it in the morning on a local radio station here. My daughter Melissa loves when it comes on.

I wish I could say that after work tonight I can go home and relax. Instead I'm going with my mom and the Rad Hat Ladies to a play. We are going on a bus, having dinner and seeing a play. I should have known that when she asked me if I wanted to go see a play it was with the "Red Hats". Usually I beg off on these things but she asked about going to see a play, which I could have sworn she said was "Cats" but when I got the paper is something about "Hats". Dear God, thank you for having an open bar at this event and allowing me to have enough money to purchase drinks there. Wish me luck!Pin It

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