Sunday, April 6, 2008

You know your old when...

you wake up out of a dead sleep and think "did I.."

"bring the dog in??" check.

"did someone put the food away?" oh man have to get out of bed for that one. I went in the kitchen and sure enough no one put the left over chinese food in the fridge. See I knew there was a reason I had to get up!

Well while I'm up I might as well load Melissa's birthday party pictures to Winkflash. and check my message boards. and post an update about the party on my blog.

So here I am :O)

Scott decided to come home after the motorcyle thing to eat? Guess he couldn't find any place to eat all day? So he went from breakfast until 1 and came home for 15 minutes so him and Trevor could eat before the party. Now if this was me we would have stopped at the nearest McD's and just relaxed until it was time for the party, but that's a guy for you. So we were in the car and I think, I better make sure my camera batteries are ok even though I just charged them the night before. So of course to make things more fun they don't work. Scott got a set of new batteries when he went into the store to get ice. Of course they are Panasonic which I know from past experience aren't very good batteries. He says that this is all they have at our little corner store. Great! We are going to be late to our own party! So I called mom, she already left. Call Scott's parents and his dad said they will bring some. TG someone always has batteries! So we get to the Power Tumbling place a few minutes after some other people but it doesn't seem to be a problem. Whew. Not sure how we ended up late when I had all the time in the world before!

Carolyn curled Melissa's hair all cute and she had on her new outfit she had bought her for her birthday. I guess the one she bought didn't fit right so they ran to Target and she let her pick out a replacement. How cool was that?

Scott's mom got there and gave me some batteries, and my camera still wouldn't work?? WTH?? So she takes the ones out of her camera and we tried those and then it worked. So weird. Gave her the Panasonic ones and they worked in her 35 mm but I think only for a bit since she was taking pictures with her camera phone. Woops! I'll give her some pics of the party though.

The party went well, only Trevor did some crying but I think he was just tired. He really needs to have a nap still even though he seems to big for it. Oh and Jessica's favorite pants ripped. TG it was longer than Daisy Duke length so she borrowed some scissors and cut them off. So now I need to take her shopping for more pants this week since she is down to 2 pairs again. I think it was only a month ago I gave her $100 for new pants. I think she must have a super sized moth in her closet eating them or something lol.

Everyone really liked my candy bar wrappers :O)

Here's a few pics from the party






and a "sisterly love" pic lol


After the party we got home and Jessica did her drama thing. She was flipping out because she couldn't find her phone. We couldn't call it since something happened to it and she somehow locked herself out of it. Scott finally found it after a ton of screaming and yelling. I found a phone store that was still open and he said he could try putting a new sims card in and it wouldn't cost anything so the 2 of us jumped in the car and went there. And it worked! Hopefully she will appreciate what I go through with her some day. I swear she makes me exhausted sometimes. I decided to pick up some Chinese food for dinner since I wasn't in the mood to cook. Came home and ate and tried to read my book (on O is for Outlaw now!) but just fell asleep. But now I'm back up loading pictures.

Hopefully this week will be calmer. My house is starting to look like a bomb went off in it and I think almost all our clothes are dirty.Pin It

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Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Looks like tons of fun! Oh by the way according to your post I must be WAY old!

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