Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Sunshine!!

Yeah Mother Nature was smiling on us today and gave us some beautiful sunshine. It got up to about 87. We actually had to use the umbrella for some shade at the softball games today.

So this morning started out REALLY crappy. Scott has this big hissy fit every Saturday when we have to find a place to park at the school where they have the softball games. Especially when we have to be there for an 11:00 game because there are already games going and then all the people are getting there for the next set of games AND the school always has things going on in the gym. So basically a few hundred people trying to park in one parking lot and up and down the street. Sooo my way of doing it is I drive through, looking to see if people are leaving and kind of just go real slow until I see something opening up. HIS way of doing it is freaking out before we even get IN the parking lot, driving through the parking lot cussing at everyone in general, screeching out of the parking lot, going down the street, screeching around the corner and going down another street and parking by the other school that is across the street. THEN doing some kind of war with Trevor and his scooter while they are walking across the busy street (of course everyone is leaving now so everyone is watching). He picks up Trevor's scooter and FLINGS it onto this little grass section. OMG I wanted to just freaking go off on him. Which I kind of did. Remind me next weekend to drive to the game so I can park...

So anyhow, Jessica had her game and they were playing my friend's daughter's team. The two worst teams in the league lol. AND guess what??? They won!! It was pretty freaking exciting. They won when Jessica, MY KID slid in to home and was safe :O) Proud mamma moment!! Here she is playing catcher today.

She rocks!

After her game was over we had a little bit of time before we had to be at Melissa's game so we ran over to McBarf's and had lunch. Then back over to the school. We found a nice parking spot that time without any freaking out thank God! Not sure if me screaming at him that he could go home with his mom earlier had anything to do with that or not lol. I'm such a bitch sometimes. I think they said Melissa's team won. I was there but my mind kept wandering off. The little kid games are so boring.

Here's Melissa playing outfield.

Notice she has her sleeves pulled up for maximum tanning.Pin It

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Barb said...

Woman are so much more sane when it comes to being patient and using common sense. My dh makes me nuts when he drives but he makes me crazier when I drive ~ It's a no win situation.

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