Monday, January 26, 2009

A few snippets

My day today wasn't too exciting, although I have enjoyed all the comments for my Bookmark Giveaway!

There was quite a bit of action going on next door. I'm still not sure if we are getting new neighbors or if there is just a crew cleaning up I DO know that I don't like people over there. I'm used to having my little area ALL TO MYSELF. Although it WOULD be nice if someone nice and friendly my age moved in. Although that never seems to be my luck. I wonder if their name is Joe. The two people that have lived in that house while we have lived here have both been named Joe. I thought that was kind of strange. We'll just call it Joe's house forever. Although from the looks of it it might be Jose that moves in this time.

My brother called and wanted to stop by and show me something today. I was kind of scared. I was thinking on no he found a kitten! He's going to bring it over and I'm not going to be able to resist!! But no. He brought over a strap type thing with Velcros on the end. His job is going to pay me to assemble them. I'm not so looking forward to doing it but the $$$?? Yeah that is my motivator. I will be a sewing MACHINE!! har har

Really I haven't been drinking.. only hot COCOA as my kids call it. They are strange. It's HOT CHOCOLATE. No idea where they got all sophisticated on me.

So I went to pick Melissa up from GATE today. They stay after on Monday's and do art. I asked her what she did today. She says

We drew SPERM

Me: OMG!! SPERM!! WTH are those teachers thinking she's only in 4Th grade!!!

Then she says "whales".

Me: ohhhh thank you Jesus! It was a Sperm WHALE that they were drawing.

Then my mind starts to wonder while she is chatting about her drawing stuff. I'm thinking to myself. WTH do they call it a sperm whale? That's just freaking wrong!?! Are the girls called SPERM whales too? And they have baby sperms floating around with them?? And I really don't like the word SPERM coming out of my baby girls mouth! EWWW OMG I can't believe I just typed that.

That should get me some Google hits. I think I need to go wash my brain out with some hot COCOA.Pin It


Suburban Correspondent said...

The sperm whale thing puzzles me, too. But we do call it hot cocoa.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It's always nice to meet "new" bloggers. If you want to receive direct answers to comments you leave, all you have to do is go to your Blogger profile page and check the box next to your e-mail that says enable public access (or something like that).

Gordostyle said...

Flippin' hilarious! I love it! I would have died had my child said that too! Always thinking the worst! :o)


Shonda Little said...

I blogged one time about a beauty pageant for nuns and now I get hits all the time from pervs who are apparently into nun porn. It's kind of awesome.

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