Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Price You Pay For Going on Vacation

My husband always acts like he's ok with me going on little trips without him. I've taken my fair share that's for sure. Recently he's been making some comments about when does HE get to go on a trip. I said whenever you want. I really don't care if he goes somewhere with some friends. At one point he was going to go away to a race down south with a guy that comes into his shop all the time. That was totally fine with me. Then he decided not to go. So I really can't feel guitly about him not going anywhere if he doesn't even have anywhere to go to can I?

Everytime I go somewhere I work my ass off before I leave. I get the house all clean, dishes all done and put away, all the laundry done. This time I didn't get all the laundry done but the bulk of it was done and there was a little bit of dishes in the sink.

When I got home, the front room was a disaster. There was so much stuff on the couch it was piled to the top, chairs, tv trays, clothes, etc all over the floor. Not to mention dishes and cups and water bottles. Someone had washed dishes once but there was stuff all over the counter and in the sink (I found a towel? in the sink and an empty milk jug?). Stuff on the counter is a big pet peeve of mine.

So yesterday I did the dishes, made dinner, cleaned up the front room (not perfect but found the couch and the floor) and did some laundry. I was in the middle of making dinner when Trevor came in from outside covered in mud. I sent him into the bathroom to clean up then went to check on him. He was trying to wash his hands but the sink wasn't draining fast enough so it was just a big wet muddy mess everywhere. I told him to just stop and get in the shower. So he stripped off his muddy clothes and got in the shower and I went back to what I was doing, thinking I'd go in and clean that up later. Well I got busy and I forgot.

Fast forward a few hours. Scott comes home and goes in the bathroom and OMG you'd think it was blood or something the way he was acting. I seriously have never seen him get so worked up about a mess. Obviously all the mess from the weekend didn't bother him a bit but mud?? So he cleaned it up and had to take out the drain so he could unclog the TON of hair in there (ICK!). Then he scooped up the clothes on the floor and threw them out the back door. I asked him if he was planning on picking those up later and he gave me a yes answer but his body language was saying no. And sure enough they are still out there. So should I pick them up or leave them for him???

I got up this morning and noticed he didn't bother taking out the overflowing trash either. And thanks for leaving your dirty clothes on the floor even though there were two laundry baskets right there. And the socks in the living room, those were a nice touch too. I really enjoy pulling them out from half way under the couch. I seriously wonder if he does this shit to piss me off or get back at me. But then really he does all the same stuff when I'm home so I just wasn't here to pick up his crap like usual. I wonder if he's ever going to grow up or if I'm always going to have to take care of one more kid in this house, even when the "kids" are all grown up and move out.Pin It


Chris H said...

Tis our lot mate.. cleaning up after other people! Accept or GO NUTS!

Sarah said...

Need more mudslides?? :O)

Connie said...

Thank you for stopping in to check on me the other day. Your kind comments made me smile on a dark day.
I'll tell you a secret, Mr Blarney travels pretty much every week (M-Y). The first year it was okay, the second & 3rd year it was wearing and now 6 years later it's just the way it is to live the life we live but I tell you I'd be thrilled to pick up his stuff during the week. I know it doesn't feel like it right this moment but if you spent as much time apart as we do you'd miss him terribly. Trust me.

Julie H said...

Ahhh thanks guys for letting me get that off my chest.

Did someone say mudslides??

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