Thursday, January 15, 2009

What a day!

Most of my day was pretty unexciting. I mostly just stalked my ebay auctions. I DID do MOST of the dishes. God I hate dishes. And I cleaned up the living room. So you can actually walk through the house and find a clean cup now :O)

I had to take Jess to the ENT again today. She is going to have to have surgery on her ears to fix where her tubes were since they are not healing up on their own. One way to get that $2500 deductible used up all at once! Sheeeett no idea how we are going to pay for that. Cha Ching! So we will be doing that sometime next week or the week after I guess.

Note to all people that have no children:

You think awwwwww cute baby!! I wanna baby....

Then think $2500.

I could buy a lot of shit with that much money!!

Not that I'd give her back or anything. She is kind of cute and I'm kind of attatched to her now.

She has been SO grouchy the last couple days, complaining that she's had a headache. Tonight she actually has a fever so that explains the head ache. I'm just hoping she isn't getting the chicken pox. My nephew had chicken pox all last week. He had the shot and all my kids had the shot. He got them and was at my house the day his mom discovered that he had them. F-U-N! So hoping my kids don't all get the chicken pox. It's bad enough they don't have school on Monday.

Didn't they just have a vacation?? What's up with all these days off!?!

It was cool when I was working and got all those bull shit holidays off. (don't take that the wrong way if you are a big MLK fan)

But now??

Not so much fun!

I crave my hours when everyone is not here and it's just me and the dog and the cats hanging out.

So anyways. Guess who I found on Facebook today???

Not one but TWO of the guys I had crushes on when I was in school.

The first one that I found today was sooo cute in HS. He's still pretty cute. He has a cute little wife and a cute little blonde baby girl.

The other one.

Ahhhhh he makes me feel all fuzzy inside just thinking of him. When I was in 7th grade, he was in 8th grade. I played the flute, he played the sax. He, of course, was never interested in me, and pretty much gave me enough hints to know that.

But I drooled for him for 5 years. He had the most beautiful smile. And those eyes. ahhh so cute.

But yeah. He's married now. His kids are kind of fugly too. Poor things. Don't know how someone so cute could have fugly kids :O( Must have been his wife. I couldn't tell by her tiny facebook picture if she was pretty or not.

And I of course, wasn't going to add her to my friends.

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1 comment:

Sarah said...

Did I get you started on the facebook searching..LOL..Yeah those PAID days for not working were great back in the days..the days at work sucked..OH other than field visits..bwaaahaaahaaa

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