Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day 2009

So I woke up this morning to someone talking. It only took me a minute to realize it was my husband. Talking to himself. Again. Over and over. He just cannot play video games without talking to the tv. Or watch tv without talking to the tv. Or look at anything on the computer without talking to the monitor. It's SO annoying.

While I was laying there trying not to hear him I was thinking of those early days of our relationship when I would wake up and roll over and look at him and he would look at me and we would snuggle and kiss and tickle and play and just have fun before we even got out of bed.

Yeah that doesn't happen so much anymore.

I tried to get the cats to snuggle with me. But Buster didn't like it when I grabbed him and dragged him under the covers and held him tight and rubbed his little head. He did let out a few purrs but then he just struggled to get away and moved back over to his side of the bed.

So I opted for Sydney. Sydney hates to cuddle. She's ok if you just pet her but DO NOT hold her down. Which of course means that I do that daily just for the fun of making her *try* to like it. Which never really works. But hey she has a short memory and comes back again soon.

I think I'm an old cat lady in the making.Pin It


Sue Wilkey said...

My husband moved out of the master bed into the sitting room daybed because it has a working TV and the master's is broken.

Ah, romance.

Kellan said...

Happy New Year, Julie! Hope to see lots of you in 2009!


matchbox20girl said...

Happy New Year, Julie! I'm lol @ the cats..we do that to ours, too. I get "kneaded" in the ribs every morning at 3 a.m, so I consider the "love torture" as payback.

Still loving the bookmarks--especially the Twilight ones..awesome work! Hope you got your mom's sign done though.


Mariah said...

Happily we are still in the romance stage, but were not really married so...whatever. WE all talk to ourselves around here

Connie said...

Thanks for your hug ~ it made my day.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hah, I love your honesty!!!!!! The romance easily finds its way out doesn't it. I wish that part didn't take work.

Chris H said...

After 23 years Stew must be abnormal cos if I gave him the slightest chance he would love to 'play' in the morning! Fat chance he's got!

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