Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jessica & A Celebration!

We started out the morning early.

FIVE AM early. I am sooo not a morning person. Especially when I stay up until 12:30 popping stupid balloons. In hind sight I think I drank way to much Diet Coke yesterday. That and and being worried about the surgery had me amped up pretty good.

So I got up, skipped a shower, make up and jeans and went straight for the sweatpants and pony tail. I made some coffee, lunch for the little kids, threw on a sweatshirt and my tennis shoes and was ready to roll.

My Mom came over and went with us, while Scott went to work late so he could take the little kids to school. She actually got here ON TIME. WHOOP WHOOP.

So I'm driving and I kind of have a general idea where we are going (it's a SURGERY CENTER) and sipping my coffee when I realize it's been dripping out of the side of the cup down the front of my nice light gray sweatshirt. LOVELY.

We get there and go in and they take my plastic for $730 (deductibles are SO MUCH FUN!) then they take us in and get her ready. She's all smiley and giggly, which I'm sure is mostly nerves. After telling the nurse several times that she doesn't need to take a pregnancy test (OMG PEOPLE YOU ARE KILLING ME!! FOURTEEN!!), because she is a VIRGIN (her words TG), she got her IV and they eventually took her in.

3 games of Tetris later it was time to bring the car around because she was done. I went in to sit with her in the recovery room. She was crying a bit, said her throat was hurting really bad. They took fat out of her ear lobe to patch her ear drums and only had to use the right ear lobe so she only has a few stitches on the one ear. After feeding her some ice chips, getting some Sunny D, then finally getting dressed we were in the car and on our way.

Mom offered to buy some breakfast if we went through a drive through. We hit McD's, where after driving half way down the road I realized they gave me the wrong sandwich. Jessica only wanted orange juice. Then she took my hashbrown and half my egg biscuit thing (BLECH, the McGriddles are SO much better).

We went home and I dropped her off and took Melissa her backpack and sax that she had left in the car. Whoops! Then we headed to Wal Mart to get Jessica's prescription filled.

UGH. Do I need to go on about the pharmacy at WM? After 20 minutes of waiting in line I find out that they didn't receive the fax yet?? And to go to the other window, where they DO have the fax but haven't done anything with it yet so I have to come back in an hour to get it.

Lucky for me I had my MOM with me, who, if ever you need to kill time shopping is a MASTER. Seriously.

We left Wal Mart and went to K-Mart to look for some curtains. Like an hour later we finally left K-Mart and I know all about the things she wants to do to decorate for CHRISTMAS. Yes. OMG she's a nut!

Go back to Wal Mart and get the prescription, no line, amazing! Hit Subway for lunch for Jess, then Jamba Juice for Jess since her throat was hurting so bad, then something for me from Panda Express (yeah the diet died on day 3).

FINALLY go back home, half the day is gone! Jess went to sleep not too long after I got home and is STILL asleep. I just went in to check on her and she's out cold. No fever and still breathing. I'm thinking she's going to need to take another day off school tomorrow, which really sucks when you have high level classes with lots of work and test and such.

So what's the celebration?? I just made my 100TH BOOKMARK. Crazy! I never thought when I made those first few for bookclub I'd end up making 100 of them. Don't forget to enter to win 3 free Valentine's bookmarks!
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Gina said...

I'm glad it all went well with Jess

love and hugs Gina xxx

Gordostyle said...

Glad all went well... well, except the line at WM, the coffee spilling, etc.! :o)


Barb said...

Happy to hear that all went well. Take care!

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