Saturday, February 14, 2009

It keeps on rolling!

The end/begging of every year always seems so busy.

It all starts on October 18th for Scott's birthday.

November is Thanksgiving

December is Scott's Dad's birthday on the 8th he was 80 on the 8th of 2008, kind of cool.

And Christmas of course.

New Years

Mom's Birthday is January 14th.

Scott's parents anniversary which we actually FORGOT this year. I can never remember if it's the 22nd of January or what day. Somewhere in there. This year was 61 years and we totally flaked out on it and forgot. Last year we had that party. Weee fun.

Feb 8th is my birthday

Then today, Valentine's day (Whooohoo got a card on time this year!)

Next comes Trevor's Birthday, which is the 28th. Which means I have 14 days to figure out what we are going to do because I can only focus on one thing at a time.

He's in Kindergarden this year, which means that if we invite anyone from class we need to invite the whole class because I'm not rude like SOME MOMS who send invites to school and invite some kids and not others. So we need to decide if we are doing the whole class or no class. I'm going for no class. Unless I can fimd something that is not too expensive for everyone. Hmmm what do you like to do for little kid's birthdays? It's hard to plan anything outside since it IS Feb.Pin It

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