Thursday, February 19, 2009

Spring Picture Day

Today is Spring Picture Day. Rememeber when we were in school and you only had to stress about picture day ONCE a year? Yeah not the case anymore. Nevermind the fact that I haven't even hung up the pictures from FALL picture day!

So this morning I got Trevor up early because he fell asleep last night before he got his turn for the shower. Why was it so important for him to take a shower?

Well it seems that everyday at school they get a stamp on their hand. The new trend is for them to take their hand immediately after being stamped and putting it on their forehead. So everyday my son comes home with some kind of target on his forehead. CUTE.

So anyhow, he got his shower, gets out and it's still there. So I broke out the rubbing alcohol and scrubbed it a bit and it's pretty faded now. So hopefully he won't look like he has a target on his forehead in his pictures.

He's been growing his hair out a bit (big sister talked him into it) so we gelled it a bit. We'll see if makes it until picture time!

Melissa's hair has started going from straight to curly so we've been straightening it when she wants it to look nice. She got up a bit early too and we had her hair done in no time.

So my kids got up about 10-15 minutes early this morning, Trevor took a shower, I did Melissa's hair, and somehow they were ready to go 20 minutes earlier than usual. So weird! Bet we couldn't get that to happen two days in a row.Pin It

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~Sheila~ said...

Picture day is always a task. many a times i forget about picture day and end up with whatever they bring home.

i just may put up a post about the pics...with my kids permission...of course..

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