Friday, February 6, 2009

It's soo not funny, but it kind of is!

This is my $434.00 entertainment for the weekend.

He's thoroughly pissed off that he cannot go outside and that he has to wear the stupid bell on his head and keeps hitting things when he goes to walk.

I am just hoping he decides to use the litter box and not let's say my shoes or something. He usually does all his business outside. I tried taking him out on the dog leash but he SO did not think that was funny.

I'm guessing he's going to get back at us for laughing at him as soon as we doze off. He's going to start scratching on the glass door. I just know it.

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Gina said...

Ah love him.
When Stan had to have the collar on everytime we laughted at him he would smash into our legs. Those plastic things hurt believe me.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Chris H said...

Poor cat. Our Teddy has to wear one almost all the time due to his allergies. He scratches himself raw. He has his on right now!

Susie said...

What happened to him? Silly cat!

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