Saturday, February 21, 2009


I just spent way too much time adding my bookmarks to the side of my blog ----->

If you are lazy like me and read in Google Reader you have to click and check it out. Make all my hard work worth something PLEASE :O)

What do you think? You like?

So since I'm being nice to hubby today I just ate a second breakfast :burp:

I had had a bagel and then Trevor wanted some milk so I asked hubby to run to the little store to get some milk. He came back with bacon and wanted to make us all breakfast.

So I just ate 2 waffles and 2 pieces of bacon.

On top of the big huge Costco bagel.

I should be good for awhile or at least until the carbs run out settle in my muffin top.

So far I've gotten a tiny snuggle this morning for being nice yesterday. Breakfast doesn't really count all that much since he likes to make it every weekend. Wondering if I should ask him out on a date later.


Jessica wants to go get her hair cut so I guess that is my agenda for today. She has all her "scene" hair cuts printed out and ready to take with her. Hopefully they don't mess up her hair and I have to listen to her cry for a week.

Do you all know what "scene" is?? You might mistake them for the "emo" (you know what that is right?) kids but I'm told the difference is they aren't "cutters". Um yeah, ok that works, I guess.

Old school definition. PUNK=Scene

Yeah I guess that is what my kid is. So far she doesn't hate me because I won't let her get her face pierced ANYWHERE. (ears don't count) I keep telling her if she pierces her lip/nose/chin/eyebrow/tongue she will wake up with me on top of her taking it out with the pliers.

Think she believes me?

We were in Hot Topic the other day and the woman ringing us up (who happens to be our neighbor-small world) tells us "and if you want any piercings, this guy (points to guy bagging the stuff) does piercings too"

OMG hold you tongue lady!! She just got the word PIERCING out and I was like


and you know what?? They had the nerve to laugh.

I'm sorry I'm OLD and don't think things poking out of my child's beautiful face is cool, tight, rad, awesome

Am I dating myself here??

Anyhow. I guess I should go take a shower and take my kid to get her hair punked out some more. She went to bed at 9 last night and is just FULL of energy. Odd for a teenager.Pin It


Susie said...
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Anonymous said...

I had to look up a scene haircut since I only have young kids! I think it's cute! Can't wait to see pix.


Mary said...

Wait... she's getting her hair done after spring pictures? She's gonna have to do retakes! And in bed by 9pm? Is she ok? Does she have mono? I'd take her to Urgent Care!

Nick James said...

Great to meet you, I like your page! I'll be stopping by!

jb said...

thanks for dropping by my blog. i just read all the posts on your first page...awesome blog and funny. happy you found me and now i found you.....i'll be back alot.


honkeie said...

I know all about this emo-nation and Scene, dont tell your daughter but it isnt new. It is the same thing just new name. For me and my time it was goth/grundge/rocker. the more they change the more they stay the same lol.
I also dont get peircings but I love me some ink! I do understand the want to be different, I am a 32 year old boy and re-inventing myself on a weekly basis but I dont like needles.ha! I do have my ear peirced but nothing else.
I have 3 tattoos, one peircing and one branding....if you want to know that story just ask ;)

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