Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Trevor

Seems like yesterday I was doing this

And he had that funny hair. Look how cute his belly was!

And then he was turning one

And two

Three (this began the Spiderman Phase)

Four (still likes Spiderman!)

When you turn five Power Rangers are cool

There's a Batman in all that blue goo! He wanted Hulk but they didn't have one.
Happy 6th Birthday to my little man!

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jb said...
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jb said...

Julie Happy birthday to your beautiful son. I wanted to come by and say thank-you for your nice comments they mean alot. I also enjoy how you talk about your family, they are so precious to you it's nice to see and read about. I wanted to also say that my relationship was long, 14 years and I've known her 17 so it was hard for me. I lost a famliy, friends, and I lost myself.

I believed that this was it for me. Everyone believed it but i guess I was in deniel or just so in love and blind. We bought the house we talked about family it was all normal until oneday something changed something shifted and it all died. And for the last few years i've been picking up all the dead pieces but what I needed to do was get rid of her. It's done and she is dead to me forever because it is the only way I will ever regain my self worth,my life and all the pieced she stole from me. I will never be her victim again or anyone else's. Julie the worst feeling in the world is the feeling of helplessness, not being able to look inthe mirror and feel good about who I was. Now I'm getting better.....slowly.


Sooooryyy julie i accidently deleted my comment.....I'm such a idiot...lolol

Nick James said...

This post was great. I am a sucker for progression photography. What a cool little man Trevor is, high five him a happy birthday for me!

Barb said...

Julie ~ Happy birthday hugs to Trevor for me. Love seeing all the cakes!

honkeie said...

happy birthday! and yes they go from baby to monster way to fast

Susie said...

How cute! Hard to beileve he's 6 already! Where has the time gone? Hope he had a great day!

Chris H said...

I love the newborn hair, a few of mine looked like that1
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Trevor, hope you had an awesome day.

~Sheila~ said...


Don't you love posting pics of the kids on their Birthdays?
Dom is next!

What a big boy Trevor is.

Katrina :) said...

Happy B-day! What a cutie! And why wouldn't he be with a name like TREVOR!!! :)

Katrina :) said...

Happy B-day! What a cutie! And why wouldn't he be with a name like TREVOR!!! :)

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