Sunday, May 2, 2010

ABC''s of Me

I saw this on Annster's blog and thought I'd do it too!
The ABC's of Me

A) Are you a PC or a Mac? PC, last time I used a Mac was in school (if you don't count the iPod :)

B) Best show currently on TV: The ONLY show I watch is The Biggest Loser. Would I like to watch other things? Yes. Why don't I? Because the kids and the man hog the TV.

C) Chore you dislike: dishes and laundry because they never get done.

D) Dogs or Cats? I love dogs and cats both. I used to be a cats only type person but I think dogs have grown on me.

E) Essential "Start the day" items: Coffee please!!

F) Favorite Color: pink, pink and pink. Or blush & bashful ;o)

G) Gold or Silver: gold
H) Height: 5'5" I used to be the tallest of all in my class in 5th grade. Then everyone else started to grow.
I) Instrument you play: flute from 4th grade to junior year. Always 2nd to last chair or so lol
J) Job: soooo boring
K) Kids? Yep got 3
L) Living where? Central California

M) Mom's name: Sandy
N) Nickname: Julie, Jewels, Ju, Mommmmmmmmm
O) Gall bladder  don't click if you are squeamish 

P) Pet Peeve: dripping faucets and a whole lot more
Q) Quote from a movie: this is my husband's department, he can quote every freaking movie ever made. Although I did watch Dirty Dancing yesterday so 

"no one puts Baby in the corner!"
R) Righty or Lefty? Righty
S) Siblings: 2- 1/2 brothers and 1 step brother
T) TV shows you watch: Biggest Loser
U) Underwear: bikini's are nice

V) Veggies you like: I like most of them. This time of year it's artichokes and asparagus yum!

W) Ways you flirt: I don't know how to flirt. 17 years of being married has taken that right out of me.

X) Expiration Dates-are just guidelines

Y) Yummy foods you make: lasagna, potato salad and peanut butter pie

Z) Zoo animal you like: monkeys are entertaining although usually the people at the zoo are just as much fun to watch.
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Annsterw said...

Glad you played along too!!! Verrrry interesting!!! I love asparagus too!!!! Great answers - have an awesome week!!!!!!

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