Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who gave me that parenting license anyways???

Tomorrow is going to be Jessica's last day of school

Doesn't she just look sooo innocent here? (wow the dog does too!)

I can't believe she is going to be a Junior. Time sure does fly doesn't it? Although sometimes not fast enough.  Like today when I was doing the dishes.  She came out of her cave to ask me if she could cut a class tomorrow so that she could hang out at both lunches. I'm like ummm no? don't think so. And of course she's all BUT MOMMMMMMMM everyone is doing it and it doesn't even matter since it's the last day of school and they don't even take roll!!!!!  And I'm like yeah don't think so?!?!?!?  We went back and forth a few times and she stomped off saying "I shouldn't have even said anything".

UMM Shit?

I'm not ready for that kind of attitude. She's pretty much a live by the rules kind of girl and I'm really not ready for that.

I totally remember being her age and cutting school. I used to go pick up my friend in the morning and we'd be all "should we go?" and sometimes we would turn and go to school. But sometimes we'd keep driving down the road and go off on an adventure.

And you know what happened?

Eventually we got caught and I had to make up about 27 cuts in one day of Saturday School (those are the ones I wasn't smart enough to "excuse"). Quite a light smack on the hand. I'm sure my grades suffered a bit too. But in the big picture when I look back? I just got a few funny stories to talk about with my partner in crime when we occassionally meet up and drink a bottle of wine.

So when things like this happen I'm always fighting with myself inside.

Follow the rules. Be straight. Walk the Line.
Bend the rules, get in trouble, maybe go down the wrong path or maybe not.

Being a mom sucks sometimes!! It's hard being resposible for someone else's life that they may or may not fuck up. Be too strict and they will rebel, be too nice and they'll walk all over you.

I think when you get pregnant instead of the What to expect when you're expecting book they should give you a "How not to fuck up your child" manual instead.

How about you? Are you the STRICT PARENT?Pin It


Chris H said...

Having raised 6 kids to adulthood already, I think I was fairly strict, but also knew that kids will do whatever they want at the end of the day and there is nothing we can do about it but hope they don't fuck up too much!
So far only one of my 6 big kids has gone totally off the tracks!

I only have two to go!

Hang in there, it will no doubt get worse in the 'attitude' stakes for a while... then she will come right again. One hopes!

Julie H said...

Well the school called and she ditched. Good thing she's not here right now!

danger garden said...

OMG...I can't even begin to understand the issues YOU are having to deal with. I was such a good kid, but did do the bad things too...I can not even begin to think about being a mom.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am strict, but every once in a while I will relax.

In that case I would have said, "you make the call, but be ready to deal with the consequences."

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