Friday, May 7, 2010

If only I spent every day at work like this

Woohoo I finally got my google reader read and all my comments I wanted to make made. I can read in google reader at work but I am now blocked from clicking on any of the blogs. Sucks!! Guess that's what I get for reading blogs at work. I gotta do something to keep my sanity though...

Today was pretty cool. A co-worker and I got sent to Gallo Center to man a booth for my work place. It was pretty uneventful with the highlights being the free lunch which ROCKED because it included cheesecake and trying to fold up this big ass display board into this little plastic box. Whatever, it used up my WHOLE DAY for work!!

We did go listen to one speaker. It was Lynda Resnick who I had never heard of before. She was talking a bit about her book Rubies in the Orchard and about how they got started with their POM and Pistachio business, which come from the Central Valley where I live. She was very articulate and people laughed along with her little jokes.

They showed some of their commercials for their products too.

My co-worker said that she had recently read an article about her and her husband in the paper. Apparently they have some kind of water controversy going on.

The things I learn because of my job, they are never ending I tell you!

Anyhow, I was pretty close to a slightly famous BILLIONAIRE today and I got out of work and had cheesecake. So it was a pretty good day. How was yours?Pin It

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Chris H said...

Wow a great day at work! Glad you enjoyed it.

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