Friday, May 21, 2010

One Sweet Blog or Ten

Chris over at Diet Coke Rocks gave me this little bloggy award.
I'm supposed to pass it on to 10 of my favorite blogs.
 I know not everyone does the "awards" thing so you can
take it or leave it
but I'm going to share some of my favorites right now with you.
Go check them out!

African Kelli has such a sweet soul.
She's a nurturer at heart and is always making people awesome care packages. She shares her awesome recipes and craft projects.

Bare Foot Foodie is all about the shock factor. I'll be reading along and be like "OMG did she just say that!!?!?" and then try not to laugh my ass off while I'm at work. Don't go if you are easily offended.

Crissy is a lot on the same lines. She totally cracks me up and her little girls are freaking adorable!

Life with Kaishon is an awesome photographer. She weaves great stories in with her pictures.

Pooba is a lot of fun!

Saucy is the bestest cupcake and charm bracelet maker EVER. She makes lots of other neato things too.

Mama Kat of course is all around awesome! She's got her own following now. I can't wait until she gets on Ellen and I can say I followed her way back when.

Mariah has 4 teenagers. Enough said.

Mary has 2 teenage girls and 2 little girls. That's about the same isn't it?

Sarah is just awesome. She can go from talking about vibrators to how much she loves her kids in one post. You have to be awesome to make that work.

And that my friends, is 10 blogs I like.
How about you?
Post your favorite when you leave me a comment.
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Sara Strand said...

Some of these blogs I'm familiar with. ;) I know African Kelli because I follow Finny. In fact, I'm Finny's bitch. :)

Mariah said...

Yeah. Teenagers, they make my head hurt. I'll check out the rest of the blogs :) Love finding new and interesting blogs to read.

Mary~Momathon said...

Thanks for the award! I've been slacking lately with the blog but I have a bunch of excuses (and every excuse is just another way to blame my kids for sucking every minute out of my day when really, I've been on facebook). Can't wait to check out some of the blogs you linked.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for linking me. How sweet of you. Very nice : ). I will have to go meet some of your bloggy friends for sure : ) because you know, I totally need MORE great blogs to look at... Or not! Darn it!

Grand Pooba said...

Awwwwwwww! YAY! Thank you so so much for the award! I love you! And look at all the awesome bloggers!

You rock my socks off.

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