Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Secret's In the Sauce

Friday night we had a girl's night out with my Mom, SIL, Niece and SIL's Mom.  SIL had been wanting to try this BBQ place that she had driven by quite a few times. She told us going in that if we didn't like it don't blame her since she had never been there.

So we all go with an open mind. We drive in and it's a building behind a building type of place. I thought it was kind of a strange place for a restaurant. We go in and there is one man eating at a table watching TV. We are met by a 'waitress" and we asked if we could sit outside on the patio.

We're all sitting around chatting and we decide to all have some sort of their BBQ plate combinations. My mom orders the ribs and tri tip and I get the same. The food eventually comes and I dig in, starting with the tri tip, which was good. I move onto the rib and it tastes kind of weird. I'm thinking it needs some salt or something and say so when my mom asks me what I think of the ribs.  I was just trying to be nice since I didn't want to make SIL feel bad that she picked a nasty place to eat.

My mom takes one bite and says "this isn't beef" and has this weird look on her face.
I'm like "well what else could it be?"

Mom: I don't know but it's not beef!
Me: Deer?
Mom: it tastes gamey and has a weird texture
Niece:  I'm glad it's not just me that thought it tasted weird.
SIL: yeah it's weird
SIL's mom: ?? (she got the chicken)
Me: Maybe it's DOG?
Me: OMG it's so like Fried Green Tomatoes, you know, "the secret's in the sauce"
Everyone: OMG!!!

So we're all sitting there thinking we've probably just ate some part of some person and the lady that actually cooked the food comes out.

Us: blink blink
Cook: Those are some big ribs ain't they??
Us: ummmmmm
Cook: giggle giggle

At this point we are all SURE we've ate someone. I'm trying not to puke.

Eventually we leave and all the way back to my Niece's house I'm thinking I'm going to puke. I'm still wondering WTF we ate (2 bites worth)Pin It


Susie said...

She seriously didn't say what kind of ribs they were?? Bigger than beef? Hum....strange...elk maybe? LOL

Mary~Momathon said...


Chris H said...

you should have asked!

Sarah said...

Hmm sounds like a game animal to me. HMM..LOL. Remember me pulling bear meat on the potluck! waahaaaa!!! Oh good times. Not quite the same ordeal out here. More of the norm. LOL.

Gordostyle said...

Oh my gosh that is so GROSS! Did you pay for this food? You gotta go back and ask what it was? I'm dying to know... !!!!!

Chris H said...

I just gave you an award on me blog.

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