Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I know who loves me

When I got home from San Francisco I went and laid down on my bed. I was promptly joined by Trevor, Melissa and Rusty.


They were all over me and so excited that I was home.

At one point the three of them were lined up in a row laying on the bed next to me. It was super cute.

I couldn't help but feel sad though. Because my husband didn't even seem to care that I was home. When I walked in the door I gave him a kiss and said hello. I got a hi back and that was it.

All night.

He never asked how my trip was. What we did. Did we have fun.

Some times I wish with all my heart I just had someone who really was "in to me". Someone that couldn't stand to be away from me, wanted to know what I was doing and wanted to be with me.

I guess the kids are like that. But somehow I thought when I married someone that they would be that person.
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