Sunday, January 8, 2012

Being sick is good for finishing books and getting your sheets changed

I started off my morning yesterday by deciding that I was going to spend the day in bed reading. But as I lay there I realized that my sheets were covered in disgusting cat hair. It was everywhere. Seriously? How am I going to relax in a fur covered bed?

So I dragged myself up and huffed and snorted around the bed changing my sheets. Then I decided that I should shower and change into something less cat hair covered.

I'm hoping I'm not the only one that's had this problem?


So after I was all cleaned up I climbed on my nice clean bed and started reading our book club selection for the month.

Talk Before Sleep is a beautiful story of Ann and Ruth and the other women in their circle. Ruth is dying of cancer and her circle of friends are taking care of her. This story, while sad, is such a wonderful story of friendship. The story is told by Ann who loves Ruth with the deepest love that is possible. It's very few and far between that we can find such a soul mate of a friend and I really loved the story of their friendship.

Although crying while you already can't breathe out of your nose isn't all that great. I promise I didn't start crying until the end so while it's sad the friendship part really outweighs that to me. You should read it!

So after I finished reading this, yes I read it in a few hours and that's including lots of little cat naps, I picked up The Dwelling Place to finish reading. I almost gave up on it but it finally started picking up. Sadly I passed out before I finished it. Maybe today...Pin It

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