Saturday, January 21, 2012

Limoncello and Lemonade

Well we got our limoncello batches made up today! Originally we were each going to use one whole bottle of the alcohol each but we decided to split 2 bottles three ways instead. So we only had to zest 34 lemons instead of 51!

 My sister in law bought a micro-plane zester and my mom brought over her 4 sided grater so we took turns zesting the lemons. It probably took us about 1/2 an hour with trading off. It looks like my sil is really going fast in the picture doesn't it!  

That's probably about 10 lemons worth of zest!

We used the 17 lemons per one bottle of Everclear. While we were zesting we filtered the alcohol in a Brita pitcher four times like the directions said.

Split it all up into three and got it bottled up. We wrapped the tops in plastic wrap to make sure they were sealed enough. Hopefully that works! We have to wait 45 days than we go onto step TWO. Yes, a bit of a process!

My sil was having a hard time finding affordable glass jars.  (She got those there at Wal Mart for $5 each) I was thinking we should have bought those HUGE bottles of pickles at Costco and used those. What are they $3 something? I think I'm just going to start saving all my glass jars. I start to do it sometimes but then end up throwing them in the recycle bin. BUT there is just so much  you can do with them! 

So I had told Trevor that maybe when I got home we could make lemonade with the lemons since we were only using the zest for the limoncello. 

My mom had a "juicer" she said I could borrow but it had corroded batteries inside and I couldn't get it to work after changing the batteries. It was just a little juicer not like a fancy one. Anyhow, Trevor used that with muscle power and Melissa and I just squeezed them.

He's still growing his hair out. It's not in his eyes yet!


I found this recipe for lemonade and whipped up the "syrup".

Really? Only ONE CUP of lemon juice? We have about 7!!

This is the "left overs"!!

I poured it into muffin tins and popped it in the freezer. Hopefully I can get it OUT of the muffin tins and can put them in another container to use later.

Do you think the birds would like what's left?

I think I'm going to throw them out in my garden "pile". 
Seems like a waste to throw them in the trash!

Just trying my first glass. It's a bit tart but not too bad!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Damn Julie you do some of the most fun things to me!! Do you have lemon trees in your yard?
I am assuming so or else this would have cost you a fortune. I bought 10 lemons yesterday @ $.66 per lemon.

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a citrus tree in my backyard. Need a roommate?

~April~ said...

Came by on the Weekend Warrior Blog Hop :-)
Following GFC, FB, Pintrest and GoodReads

Why Girls Are Weird said...

YUM. One of my favorite things at work is cutting lemons because they smell so good. Lemons make my mouth water.

Eric W. Harper said...

I don't think birds (or any animal) will eat the leftover rinds. I've stepped on way too many rotten, squishy oranges and grapefruits for them to be eaten. :)

Compost is a GREAT idea!

Pandora`s Box said...

This looks so refreshing.Looks like the kids had fun making it too.
left over lemon rinds tip:Before squeezing I zest off all citrus rinds.I then make a sweet sugar syrup and add lemon/orange rinds to it and then use it in fruitcakes.Adds a delicious flavoring.

Maureen said...


If you heat up your lemons either by hot water or a few seconds in the microwave the lemons yield more juice than cold ones. Just FYI.


P.S. Found you through I Heart Naptime.

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