Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skiing Fail

I was just thinking about the one and only time I tried to go skiing. My best friend in high school was Audra. Audra and I were together most of the time the last year of high school. I pretty much lived at her house. (this picture is from Freshman year I think)

Each morning I'd drive my POS car to her house (listening to oldies because that was all that came in on the am only radio) and pick her up. Then we'd go down the street and go to school. Unless we didn't. Sometimes we'd keep driving straight instead of turning and find some other adventure to go for the day. Yes, I did AWESOME my senior year!

So for some reason we decided to go skiing. We loaded up my car with some warm clothes and stuff and drove up to the mountains praying that it wouldn't actually snow since we had no idea how to do chains and probably no extra money to pay anyone to do it for us. Strangely enough I think I actually had some chains for that car although I don't think it ever had any put on it.

We get to the ski resort (can't remember which one) and go through the whole process of renting skis and boots, etc. I had never went skiing before and she had told me that she'd help me out. We get all equipmented up and we head out on the snow. She gives me a few pointers as we head towards the bunny hill area.

I start "skiing" aka sliding down the hill when I fall. I can't get up. I try every direction, but I cannot get up. I finally give up and take the skis off the boots and then I get up. I did this a few times and then realize that my friend has left me.

I look all around and she's gone. I am PISSED.

I keep attempting to ski, doing my slide, fall, take skis off, stand up routine. Eventually I get tired of that. It's really not fun. I sit up at the top of the hill and wait for my "friend' to come back.

Eventually I see a snowmobile pulling a gurney and I know. It's her.

They take her into the first aid area. Apparently she fell and kind of blacked out a bit. We sit there for awhile and eventually they tell her she can leave if she feels better. She wants to go skiing again.

I told her forget that! We're leaving! I don't think she was too happy about that but I was sick of this whole thing already. So we take all the equipment back and drive home.

I've never been skiing again. Somehow I don't think it would be better on a second try!Pin It


Annsterw said...

I am right there with you! Too funny! I went once and broke my thumb and have NEVER gone back!!! :-)

Chris H said...

I tried skiing... went down a steep lope, face planted at the bottom and the ski hit me in the head.
5 stitches.
Couldn't wash me hair for two weeks.

NOT a good look when you are 17.

I'm with you. Not trying it again.

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