Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sick Interwebs

Well I figured out why I was so tired the other day. I'm sick. I have a nice runny nose and from the sounds of it Trevor has it too. We can be miserable and full of snot together.

Actually so far it's not TOO bad. I'm still considering myself lucky that I'm just now getting sick when usually I'm sick for all of November, December and January. I've usually hit the Urgent Care by now for my yearly dose of super strong antibiotics to kill of the bronchitis that I always end up with.

I've learned that when I'm that sick I just skip the doctors office and go straight there. Why? Because the doctor will always give me that super low dose antibiotic that you have to take three times a day for ten days, which, lets face it, that's almost impossible to take them all on time. It's much easier to take one pill once a day for five days. And you get well a lot faster too. Well at least I do! Let's hope I don't get to that point this time around.

In other news go to Google and type in "Woman with Kleenex".  (or just click it) Wow some weird stuff shows up!?!

This is kind of cool

and the site it came from is pretty entertaining too!Pin It


Annsterw said...

Glad you have avoided the bronchitis so far! Mine is finally feeling better!!! Love that site...I am bookmarking it now! Stay well and I hope your cold exits as quickly as it came!!! :-)

Sara Strand said...

Oh you have the plague! I am three weeks in and still dealing with it. Almost everyone I know who got the flu shot have gotten the flu with it.... So that sucks :(

honkeie said...

A cold is a cold just drink whiskey until you forget why you started drinking and by then you will be all better. Or have a hangover so bad your cold won't seem so bad.

Ashley Urke | Domestic Fashionista said...

Oh my goodness, that wedding photo is awesome! What a fun idea!

Sorry to hear you are sick! Hope you feel better soon! xo

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