Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This kind of stuff just pisses me off

I saw this magazine at the check out today at the grocery store:

Now, I know these are all fame whores from the Bachelorette, which I may have watched a couple episodes when it first came out and before I quit trying to watch anything on the TV that "I" wanted to watch, but seriously??

Ali: Single & ready to mingle-how she's targeting butt & thigh jiggle.
Hmmm well, you are wearing a bikini on a magazine cover. Looks good to me!!

Ashley: Her low-car diet to prep for her TV wedding to JP. 
Seriously? You look like you could eat a hamburger and you'd be fine...

Trista: Plans for a boob job and botox
Wow, since you just told everyone that you have small boobs and wrinkles maybe you should just own them. You know, like just be happy with your already thin body, and that you've lived long enough to get wrinkles.

It just amazes me that woman put themselves out there like this, telling everyone what they see wrong with themselves when they are on a cover of a magazine in a bikini. REALLY! 

Just goes to show that no matter what your size women are NEVER happy with themselves.
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Mary~Momathon said...

they are doing a tremendous amount of damage to every 13 yr old who sees that magazine in the checkout line. Sad.

Anonymous said...

it's 'In Touch' though so they didn't necessarily even tell the magazine anything! Those kinds of magazines just print whatever they want.


jb said...

LOLOL...Awesome post and you are so effing right. I was buying a juice at work today and saw this and freaking almost choked when I read the front cover are they efffing serious. It pisses me off that they can't own who they are. Hope life is treating you and your family well.


GypsyFox said...

HAHAHA no kidding Mom Taxi Julie, NO KIDDING!!! lmao

Annsterw said...

It is a real pity!!! Sad state of affairs for them - they would jump off a bridge if they had my jiggle!!! HA!!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey I just spent an evening with a 42 yr old gorgeous woman who can't move her @*&$%! face! Botox for "a" wrinkle she said on her forehead. I suggested bangs!

She used to be so beautiful....drop dead gorgeous in fact. Now botox, collagen, lashes, boobs and on and on. By the time she is my age she will be unable to stand near a furnace for fear of melting. It is getting out of hand!!

Jennifer Owens said...

Ashamed to admit I SO bought this one too. *sigh* I enjoy mindless reading - and torment apparently.

Chris H said...

Now I feel guilty.
I was in a womens magazine years ago to show me fat before and thin after photos! In all me glory.

I was not happy with my sagging belly so had a tummy tuck and showed EVERYONE.


Unknown said...

They look fantastic. Give me a freaking break.

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