Friday, January 13, 2012

Staying Home Today

Well I took the day off from work today. It's a 3 day weekend with Monday being a holiday so I figured why not make it 4? I haven't had a day off with the kids being at school in a long time. Plus I need to finish making all the stuff for my Mom's party tomorrow (real reason I took it off lol).

Going to get the glue gun heated up right after I finish my cup of coffee or two.

Here's a little bit of random from the last week.

Leftovers for lunch. LOVE. I made this chicken by crushing up a bunch of leftover fancy crackers that no one wanted to eat. Added a few spices, poured a bit of spaghetti sauce in the bottom of my pan and threw it in the oven. It was delicious! 

Last Friday night I went out on a Mom's Night Out with two of my friends. We went to Mexican food, went to the movies (saw New Years Eve, it was ok, wait for video) and ended up going to Red Robin for drinks afterwards. I love their Mai Tai's! Although they could be a little bit stronger. For almost $20 for 2 drinks I should have a hell of a buzz right? I think I need to learn how to make these at home. And get some really cute glasses like that.

I had all my Facebook friends stumped when I asked what this was. We saw it in the grocery store and it wasn't labeled. Trevor and I were wondering what it was so I asked everyone. I got a lot of (wrong) answers until we finally figured out it was Cassava. Apparently it's popular among the Hispanic community and Save Mart caters to that here.

Here's some paper whites I have planted at work. Aren't they fun? Makes for a great conversation piece at work. 

Well I hope you all have a great weekend. I'm sure I'll be back later with lots of pictures of party stuff!

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GypsyFox said...

yummy idea for the chicken! as for the drink I totally agree, you should be buzzed for $20 consideringyou could get a whole bottle of wine for $20 & get ;)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

ooh the chicken and the cocktail sound good. i haven't had a mai tai in years. And yes you think like me that is a lot for 2 drinks. sort of like those martini's. All mine was straight gin. nothing else except 2 olives. $17.00 is crazy!!
$10 more dollars and I can buy a full damn bottle.

Chris H said...

That chicken sounds like a good idea! We have lots of crackers just taking up space in the cupboards.
I hope your Mums party goes well.

Unknown said...

You are so interesting : ) I would have been completely stumped by that product in the market as well! Thanks for teaching me something new today : )

Annsterw said...

YUMMY chicken!!!!! That sounds and LOOKS amazing!!! Love the posies at work...what a grat idea to brighten up your space!!! :-)

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