Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tony's 11th Birthday

Saturday I went for a run around the perimeter of the club. It was such a pretty day!

Then it was off to my nephew Tony's ice skating party. Trevor finished reading the first Harry Potter book on the way. I'm so happy he's finally reading books. BIG BOOKS. I'm now the only one in the house that has not read Harry Potter. I know!

We met my brother, my nephew and a couple other kids there and they skated for two hours (and got hot chocolate, pretzels, red vines, etc.) while we visited.

Then it was back to the house for pizza and cake. 

My niece Adrian came with my mom My brother Joe and sister in law were both working. How cute is she?

Ava was napping when we got there but after she woke up she got a bunch of snuggle time in with Melissa.

Then had fun playing with Adrian. I just love her little pig tails.

Before long it was time for cake. Make that CUPcakes. Have you ever seen eleven candles on a cupcake before? 

  Pics around the room

 Ava helped while Tony opened his presents.

He got a metal detector OH BOY!  We ended the night off with some coffee and before we knew it it was ten o'clock!Pin It


Annsterw said...

What an awesome party!!! Pizza is always the Best! I always wanted a metal detector when I was a kid - must have something to do with that belief that you may strike it rich!!! :-)

Chris H said...

A metal detector! What a fun present, it's given me ideas for Griffin now.

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