Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day!

After our morning at home we went over to my mom's house.

When we first got there Jessica was holding Ava on her lap and Ava peed on her. Poor kid but it was pretty funny! Jess had to wear a pair of my mom's Christmas pants while she washed her jeans.

The girls were actually fighting over Melissa. It's so funny how the kids (and animals) all love her so much. I don't call her the baby whisperer for nothing!

We had a breakfast of bagels, muffins, coffee, and hot chocolate for the kids.

Then the boys passed out the presents

and we started opening from youngest to oldest. We were reminded real quick why we do it this way. The little ones have an attention span of like 2 seconds and then they can play with their stuff while everyone else opens up their gifts. It's nice to see what everyone got, and it makes it last longer than if everyone tears in all at once.









Louie (and Tony)

Michele goes here but didn't want her picture taken. Then me!




 and Charly (sister in law Maegen's Dad)

My Uncle Bobby came later but I didn't get a picture of him.

The room my dad is standing in they just built on this year. It was so nice having that extra space. The guys played pool and threw darts at the dart board for most of the day.

This is the norm when my mom sits down. A kid and a dog lol. 

We played this game all day. I finally won the LAST game we played. (or I quit once I won?? lol)

 Ava loves her Uncle Scott. I admit that I'm jealous she likes him more than me!

I didn't help with the cooking (but I did bring a lasagna I made in advance and stuck in the oven, cookies and peanut butter pie). So I washed almost all the dishes after dinner. I didn't take any pictures at the table but we all sat in one long row. It's so fun sitting like that!

I was so full from snacking all day I wasn't even all that hungry for dinner. That night I laid in bed in pain! WHY why do we do that to ourselves? Maybe some day I'll learn not to do that!

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Chris H said...

Wow what a lot of presents! Too funny Jessica getting piddled on.

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