Saturday, November 15, 2014

Killing The Diet

Well I'm a little disappointed in myself. I drank beer last night and had a chicken strip and a few fries.  Back to the grind today though!

It's so hard to go out with friends and be like "I'll just have water" when you are at a bar. I'd "just have a Diet Coke" but I'm trying not to drink that either lol.

I look like crap in this picture

Ahh well it's not the end of the world and my stomach still does not look as bloated as it did before I started doing this diet so I'm enjoying that. Since I am not eating any dairy I wonder if that is the cause of my big belly issues or if it could be a gluten type thing since I'm not eating that either. The weird thing is that neither makes me sick (unless I drink full fat milk but I think that's more of a no gall bladder issue) so I don't have any other "allergy" symptoms.

Stuffing myself on salads and eating meat for lunch every day doesn't seem to be agreeing with my digestive system either so who knows. Maybe I should just be a vegetarian after all. (This is where Scott freaks out). I do like to eat meat though, just not the whole idea of it. If I had to kill my own I would definitely never eat it. I feel bad killing a mouse that's shitting in my cabinets.

I'm up the .2 I lost earlier in the week and it brought it's friend .6, but I guess it could be worse after drinking beers!

Scott is working in San Jose today. He's been working almost every weekend for one day with his old employer to help him out. I guess I'll spend my day puttering around the house cleaning some more. My room is still a nightmare. I did just clean off most of my computer desk while I was sitting here though so it won't take much to have the living room looking cleaned up now.

Ohhh last week I also bought a little vacuum to try on the couch too. The dog hair is just so hard to get off the couch so we'll see how well it works. I used it a bit on the recliner when I first got it but the battery died really quick (it's a cordless jobber) so I had to charge it up.

You know your life is exciting when you are looking forward to vacuuming the couch!

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Annsterw said...

I think the important thing is that we are Trying to keep our food/exercise in check! They alone is a bonus!!!!

Chris H said...

I have no problem killing an animal for food!
Used to do a bit of that as a teenager with me Dad... hunting pigs/rabbits etc.

I hope that little vacuum worked?

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