Tuesday, September 19, 2023


                                                            Good morning happy Tuesday! 

Yesterday I made it through my work review without crying or complaining (much) or getting upset. Go me! Glad that is done for a few more months. I hate that they do them quarterly now. Like it's the same job every day nothing exciting is happening.

Simon was sleeping holding onto the door trim yesterday. She's such a nut. I think it's hilarious when she kicks the door in her sleep. 

Yesterday after work Jess and I went to the grocery store. On the way home Scott called that his car broke down on the way home and he wanted me to go feed his mom dinner. I took Jess and the groceries home then went over there. She was rather entertaining. She said her relatives were all hanging out around the house. I said well that's nice just as long as they are the good relatives. She didn't really say if they were or not. Then she wanted to show me something wrong with her boobs. They were just chilling out down low. I was like we'll they're just tired and she laughed. 

Gave the poor plant a drink. I don't know how this thing survives. 

There was an earthquake while I was there. The chair I was sitting in rocked a bit sideways and the china cabinet rattled a bit. I guess there was one earlier too but I didn't feel that one because I was driving. It was really quick. 

Scott got his brother to come pick him up and tow the car back to his mom's house. Surprised he even asked him but he was too cheap to pay $16 a mile for 30 miles lol. I was like it's not a big deal just tow it. Then to find out he knew the alternator was going out for over a week but hadn't fixed it. I think he deserved sitting on the side of the road for 3 hours. Sheesh. 

I had to drive him back to our house once he got home to get the truck. At least we have an extra vehicle. 

No plans for today but maybe I'll actually get some sewing done since I still have not started sewing these sports bags. Running out of sewing days before the Lodi Street Faire on the 1st! Not that I don't have enough stuff but I always like to add more and try to get stuff done right before haha. 

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1 comment:

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I've never cried at a review thank goodness.
But lately all I do it cry so that makes up for it!
You MIL boob story is too funny. I keep saying mine are tired and won't get up.

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