Friday, September 1, 2023


Good morning happy FriYEAH! It is an extra YEAH since we get off 2 hours early today. 

Current status of coasters lol. What a mess. Piecing together the smaller pieces into 6x6 squares.

I ended up driving to the office yesterday so I could mail a letter. Yep you read that right. So annoying. Sat there for 2 hours with no other work to do. The girl I used to work with in the other department was there and she said they took away their sides telework. Sad! She said the price of gas is killing her. It's like $5 a gallon again in our area.

After "work" I went to the grocery store and got some premade sliders from the deli area. They were really good so I'll get those again. I got some cookies also for the potluck. 

I was looking at the roasts to maybe get one and good God. You have to be rich to eat a freaking roast right now. This is the cheap grocery store too. Can't imagine what they cost at Raley's.  $30 for a roast. 

The potluck for darts wasn't that great. There were a few good salads but hardly any main course stuff. I'm glad I got the sandwiches. Someone brought complete burnt chicken. Like I wouldn't even feed that to my dog. 

Our team ended up coming in 7th place. Right about the middle. At least we weren't last lol. We start the fall season in 2 weeks.

I saw this shirt this morning lol. Is that considered campaigning? I'm not supposed to do that you know lol.

Tina being overly aggressive for her pets. I couldn't find her comb and finally found it in the living room. Simon hates when I use it on her so I think she was trying to kill it haha.

No big weekend plans other than babysitting on Sunday. The kids have been sick so hopefully they feel better by then. They picked up a croupy snotty cold it sounds like. Daniel's new Buzz Lightyear is here for him when he gets here. I need to take it out of the box and make sure it works lol. Spoiled? Nahhh ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Gas is $3.49 last I got it. Wow $5 that's horrific.
It was $2.99 and then July 4th came around and it went way up again.

We wanted some steaks and we'd rather make a car payment. Holy S-t they were expensive. Rick said it may be cheaper to buy the cow. LOL
So we skipped the steaks. Came home and fired up the grill and it died.
Honestly everything in my house is dying, my ninja blender/food processer just died as I was making something. Honestly I am sick of all the shit swirling around us. Make it go away Julie. :-)

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