Saturday, September 23, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! 
Watching Reservoir Dogs while doing other things. This show is kind of funny.

Broke open my bold of fusible fleece. It is batting with an iron on side so it sticks to the fabric. I like it for my zip bags.

Yesterday I played with Rosie for a couple hours after work so her mom could get a break lol. Isn't she so cute! She was trying on all her clothes.

Since she knows how to walk now she's just going to climb! OMG!  Probably going to have to find somewhere else to put that white box thing. It is the base for my thread display but Trevor filled it with video game stuff. 

I took her home so she could have dinner and Daniel was so cute when I came in. I sat on the couch and he ran over with his blankets and snuggled for a few minutes. Then he licked my face. Kids are weird lol. I think he was being a dog. 

I picked up Scott for dinner and we went to Texas Roadhouse. There were a ton of people there but it didn't take too long to get a table for 2. I'm like why don't they build a 2nd one of these on the other side of town. Apparently that is where everyone goes to eat. I had steak and grilled shrimp and super salty mashed potatoes and gravy. And rolls of course! I rolled right out of there when we were done. Scott had to run into Winco for a few things so we did that then sat in his mom's driveway to talk for awhile. 

Life is weird. 

Today I am supposed to be working on my sports bags but haven't got to it yet. Finally got my clothes in the washer and dryer. Last night I wore a new bra I had bought awhile back and man it was so uncomfortable. Should have just been like the one woman I saw in her PJ's and XXXL boobies and no bra. Sheesh what is wrong with people can't even put clothes on to go out to dinner. 

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