Sunday, September 10, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday!

I got a little bit of scrappy sewing done yesterday. We'll see how many more blocks I can get out of the 1" scraps. I was thinking you can't really tell they are Halloween scraps but once they are together the colors come through.

I went to my niece Brooklyn's first birthday yesterday. Would you like some cake? haha

I didn't bring anyone with me so I got to just sit and visit with out taking care of anyone.

A couchful of nieces! They are all my nieces (but not ALL of them) haha. Don't mine me being reflected in the mirror.

My mom is shrinking she's been doing her diet to get healthy. She's so tiny now. That's my nephew Tony he's so grown up now.

Niece Adrian, she'll be 14 tomorrow.

Playing with her new toy. Her sister had fun whipping her around the house, she thought it was great. She might need a seatbelt lol.

Best part of presents was the tissue paper

yum ice cream!

Little Joe and his killer eyes

Missed getting a picture of Vincent he was upstairs and outside most of the time. 

I was so tired I just went and laid on my bed when I got home and didn't really get up until this morning. Just got up to take the dogs in and out a few times.

Today I'm going to play with my scraps a bit and then clean at noon before the kids get here. Hopefully I don't get Trevor's cold but I'm not holding my breath on that one. 

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