Saturday, September 9, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday!
Yesterday I finished sewing the 1" strips into a scrap roll. It's a little smaller than the 1.5". I think I'll make bags out of them. Maybe! 

After work I went to the grocery store finally. Didn't feel like I bought that much stuff but I still spent over $300. About $100 of it was dog food/cat food and then some other misc stuff I bought. I got this cute stuffed pig for Brooklyn's 1st birthday party today. They have 3 kids 4 and under there so they have a million toys already.

After grocery shopping I went and met up with my friend Cassi who is here visiting for a few days. we hung out at the bar talking until almost midnight. She said she's staying until Monday so hopefully I see her again before she goes back to Oregon.

Today's plan is the party at 2 and play with my scraps a bit. I don't think am taking Daniel this time. Every time they go over there they get sick. Although Trevor is already coughing and has a sore throat after a few days of working :(. Can't take us anywhere lol. They are also harvesting almonds around us now so that kicks up a lot of dirt into the air. 

Scott showed up here early today. I was still laying in bed recovering from being up so late two nights in a row lol. It's still so weird here without Rusty. Snookie keeps looking for him and I know she's sad he's not here. 

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