Friday, September 8, 2023


Good morning happy FriYeah!

Yesterday I went with Jessica to her doctors appointment. She said they were 100% nicer to her since I was there lol. So mission accomplished and we got to hear the new babies heart beat :) She has the anatomy scan in a couple weeks.  After her appointment we got a few things and Target and went to In & Out.  The kids were being watched by their dad's grandma so we went to pick them. Fun to see their toys and stuff at another Grandma's house. 

After I got home I started cleaning up my scraps and mess from working on the coasters. I emptied all these cards of fabric so I made a little dent working on those. 

The scrap pile. I cut them into 1 1/2" strips and 1" strips as usual.

I may have stayed up until 2am sewing these together. Whoops lol. I think this might be one of my largest scrap rolls yet.

I still have the 1" to do but there are not as many of those. 

Trevor worked from 6 to about 11 I think. It was weird being home by myself in the evening. The dogs are definitely missing Rusty and Snookie doesn't know what to do with herself. She slept next to him most of the time. I brought a pillow in for her to sleep on. She mostly beat it up a few times trying to nest into it. Might have to get another small dog bed for her. 

I really should go to the store after work today. Talking myself into it :) Tomorrow is a birthday party for Brooklyn. She's one already!

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