Wednesday, March 13, 2024


Good morning happy Hump Day!
I'm ready for the weekend already haha. Or at least non work hours. 

Got my first train quilt all cut up and ready for the first round on the sewing machine. 

I cut up everything that was left into squares/strips for a future project. I rearranged my cabinet with my theme fabrics a bit since I've been making a little dent in it. The cabinet is still full though.

Hello Fresh meal from last night plus asparagus I added to it. I think the portions on these are getting smaller. The pork chop was so tiny. 

Darts was fun, I won 2 games. My friends Carol and Bev were on the team we played. This guy on their team got 2 hat tricks! That's when you get all 3 darts in the bullseye in one round. 


I came home and went to bed lol. This time change sucks.
Here's our little Nate, so cute!

Today's plans are to work (kind of), sew, and have another Hello Fresh meal for dinner so don't have to think about that too much.

It is a little windy but I guess we are supposed to get really windy today. More shingles to blow off our roof probably. Scott keeps saying we'll have to do that soon. That's a no fun thing to spend money on.  I will be glad to put a little bit darker roof on our house though. We went with white before (I was pregnant with Trevor for time line lol) and I don't like it. 

Speaking of Trevor he came home with a motorcycle yesterday. Gotta give me a heart attack one way or another. 

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