Wednesday, March 27, 2024


Hello happy hump day! Today was lunch with my friend Sarah day. I'll share that tomorrow.
Yesterday I went into the office and had this for most of the day.

I ended up helping a few people at the counter and doing things I'm not supposed to do for my job now. I was thinking this spot in the back would be kind of nice haha. That's back in the "cave" which used to be full of cubicles until someone finally said it wasn't safe. We'd been saying that for years but someone important finally said it.

I went to the teriyaki bowl place for lunch again. It was so slow when I went in there last time I kind of feel like they need the business. Better to give it to a mom and pop then a chain.

Sometimes they have plants for sale out front. I have some of both of these kinds already. Last time I went they had a mixture of plants in one and I wish I would have bought it. 

I didn't go to Costco after work but I did finally replant my mother in laws plant. It was actually not as root bound as I thought it was going to be. 

I split it into 2 pots. There was so many individual plants in it and they separated easily. 

I put the big one here for now. 

Small one and I repotted the other friend plant on the left there. I think the cats have been snacking on that one. 

Then I went around and found a bunch of my empty pots and planted stuff that's been in cheap plastic containers and a cup of water in my kitchen lol.

Hopefully I didn't kill anything. I took Snookie outside with me and had her leash on the little chair there. Not that she'll run away but she wanders and can't hear me. The little shit barks like crazy every time I went in the house or around the back. 

Hello Fresh for dinner. Their picture..

and mine. This one was really good! And a veggie besides carrots.

I'm so tired after lunch and the weather outside is like "I might rain". I just want to go take a nap. Maybe once we're after log off time. 

I think I will work on my quilt blocks today too and get them done so I will stop thinking about them!


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Barbara said...

Watch out the cats don't eat your MIL's plant. They're really poisonous to cats. I got rid of all the ones we had.

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