Saturday, March 23, 2024


Good morning happy Saturday! Today is Scott's mom's 94th birthday and also my friend Traci's memorial service. We'll see if I make it through. Already teary and all I did was do a FB post for my mother in law lol. I'm a mess!

We're going to go the cemetery in a bit and then after that the club part(y) for Traci. We'll see if I can get it together. 

Yesterday I started ironing these fabrics I washed. I still have like 1/2 a box to go. 

Also relisted the 1/2 yards I have on the FB group. Someone claimed some last night so I have to pull them out. Other than that crickets. 

Scott opened up the treadle machine for me. We figured out it's a 1915 Davis Vertical Feed. 

The date is on here

The bobbin shuttle

Still has the book!

It would be fun to get it going. It needs a belt and a dusting to start lol.

I don't expect to get anything done today. Hopefully I don't just cry for the whole thing!


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