Monday, March 25, 2024


Good morning happy Monday! As happy as a Monday can be. Slow work day I think. I have a few things to do to mail tomorrow but I'm saving those for when I'm in the office tomorrow so I don't die of boredom all day.

I spent most of yesterday adding rows to these squares to make them close to the size of my usual squares for rag quilts. Trying to decide now if I want to use all of the pink scrap squares I had started or just do 36 like usual. These will be an inch smaller because I don't want to add more to them.

Now that I have batting I can assemble all of the bicycle ones and these too. Just have to cut out the batting and backing fabrics.

I stopped to make stew last night. Surprisingly pulled that off with hardly any groceries. My neighbor came over with cake and some mac/potato and coleslaw salads left over from the memorial they had for her parents so I snacked on that yesterday. Oh and chips lol. Super healthy.

Scott is off today for his every other Monday off. He washed all the dishes yesterday so that was nice. Also cleaned the wood on the sewing machine with some Murphy's Oil. I didn't even know we had that in the cabinet.

Trevor was gone all day yesterday so the house was pretty quiet. He took the aluminum boat from Scott's mom's over to Eric's to fix something up on it. I think they are excited to have it to fish with or something. 

My friend's brother who is in his 60's seems to be missing. He went to go visit him yesterday and the groceries he had delivered the day before were still sitting on the porch. He found out he had been taken to the hospital last week by ambulance but then let go but no one has seen him other someone in a Chevron last Friday. He had a stroke a few years ago and just isn't all there. Hopefully he's not dead in a ditch somewhere or something. Such a weird situation when someone is an adult but can't fully function but they don't know they are messed up and who can make them do anything legally? No one apparently. 


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