Friday, March 22, 2024


Good morning happy FriYEAH!

Trevor made us breakfast this morning I should be good for awhile lol.

Lets go back to Wednesday!

Watched the kids for awhile in the afternoon. Rosie was a cuddle bug. She took a nap for awhile. Daniel was busy playing and I forgot to take a picture of him.

While she was sleeping I relisted the fat quarters on the FB group and sold most of them to 3 people. I have someone else that picked some but haven't had time to pull them yet. I'll do that in a bit. TG to get those out. I didn't want to wash them all to keep in the sewing room. Now to tackle the 1/2 yards again.

Hello Fresh meal for dinner. Some kind of beef "flautas" I didn't add the extra oil on the tortillas since they looked like they were going to be greasy enough already (and they were). They were good but next time I'd drain the beef before adding the spices and stuff in.

Scott got some tote boxes to put his Grandpa's trains in. Do you think this is orbs? So weird. Could be light reflection but it was dark outside and the light above him wasn't on. Creepy lol. 

Nothing from this direction. He pulled his mom's bowling trophy's and plaques out of the back of his brother's truck too. I was thinking maybe we'd do a little shelf with a couple and a picture. IDK. I need a bigger house for all these family heirlooms haha.

I came home yesterday to Tubz guarding his Grandma's sewing machine. Have to find somewhere to put that too. I need more walls. The totes are going to have to find a spot in the garage or shed.

I spent the day at the office yesterday. I love coming in to my desk being in shambles. I think someone came and cleaned the carpet. 

On my lunch I ran to the post office and picked up lunch at the teriyaki bowl place. It was dead quiet in there at 12:30. I'm glad I went there instead of a chain place.

Although I had to go find another fork. They gave me the tiny one on the right. Found the bigger one in the conference room lol. 

Someone brought their expired canned food into the office to share. Like just throw it away!

This is the same kind of tree as I have in my front yard but mine is ugly. It has some tiny blooms on it. Better start being pretty because you're getting taken out when I get some yard work ambition...

After work I went to Wal Mart and found out that was a horrible time to go. I just got some cat food and waterproof mascara for Saturday. I had only a few minutes to come home, take the dogs out, give the cats their snackies and then go to darts. I had dinner from the bar fryer. Chicken strips and fries! We lost horribly at darts. Only won 1 game. So sad. Had fun though ;)

Apparently half the neighborhood has Covid or RSV or something. Lots of meetings getting cancelled and our 2 dart teams are the only ones that showed up. I joked that we're all fine but will be sick next week. Hopefully not! But I went to work and Wal Mart so I could get sick from anywhere really. 

Tomorrow morning we are going to go to the cemetery for Scott's mom's birthday and then to Traci's celebration of life event. We'll see how long I can make it without crying. Probably like 30 seconds. 

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