Friday, February 11, 2022


Good morning happy Friday! 
My husband should be in Texas already since he took a very early flight there. Hopefully it went smoothly. I told him don't be stupid haha. My only wife advice for his guys weekend. He's usually not a big drinker but a lot of these guys are and he tries to keep up.

Nothing too exciting for yesterday. The line from the house at MIL's got flushed. The guy told me that there is a 45 degree angle and it goes slightly up hill so that is the problem area that should be dug out and fixed up. Maybe some day, maybe for someone else to deal with. So far so good lol.

I snuck off (not really but felt like it) to get a massage since my neck has been bothering me so much. I had to wait awhile since there were only 2 people working. This is the little place in the mall. Usually I just get a chair massage but I got a table one this time (fully clothed). I like this place since it is a reflexology place and oh man it hurts so good lol.

When I saw this woman climb up on the table I was like good Lord could she maybe walk on my back? I bet that would feel good lol. I did not get her though.  After I was done my neck still hurts a bit but the rest of my body aches feel better. I think I'm going to have to try a chiropractor next. 

Came back to MIL's house after to make her some dinner (I picked up a salad from Wendy's for myself) and hang out until Scott got here. MIL was up and walking around so much yesterday I was like dang you're really getting your exercise!  She was pretty much here yesterday but still some confusion. I was telling her what the plumbing issue was and she was like oh yeah those kids like to do donuts in the road out there (on the street) so wires were most definitely not all connecting.

When MIL was like 9 they went to see her Grandma on the reservation. She has a whole story she tells about how they all got into this small car and went there. She had an uncle who grew watermelons and her Grandma let her churn the butter. She says that is the only time she ever saw/met her grandma. This is her MOM who doesn't really look like she is indigenous for having her mother live on a reservation.  I asked if her mom lived on the reservation when she was younger and she said she didn't think so but she probably wouldn't know since they didn't seem to talk about anything cultural when she was growing up.   I asked her if her mom went to school and she said until the 4th grade.  

She keeps talking about a picture of her grandma that I have seen before so I went onto Ancestry to see if anyone had it loaded but no. But I did find this one of her mom. Scott told me where the picture is so I can pull it out for her later. She keeps thinking her daughter stole it but Scott just had it out a bit ago and she already forgot. I think maybe it should be put in a little frame so she can see it. 

When I got here this morning she was sleeping but now she is up changing her pants and stuff. Keeps telling me how much it sucks getting old. Yes, yes, it sure does. 

I'm a little sad I had to do my time card and I kept thinking I had next Monday off but it's not that Monday it is the one after that. Boooo. 

Tonight I have darts so I will go home for that and then come back to spend the night with MIL. I wonder if she will wake me up less times than Rusty. Getting up to take the dog out at 1am is no bueno. Then he comes back in and starts whining at me. Like wtf I just took you out.  The he tried to get on the bed but couldn't do it and he's too heavy for me to pick up so eventually he went into the living room. A few hours later he's trying to get me to take him out again. No way man. He finally gave up until I was ready to get up. Hopefully Trevor will take them out while I'm over here this weekend. I am planning on going home for a little bit every day to check on the animals and stuff. Scott doesn't come home til Tuesday so this will be fun..

No work emails this morning so might be a long day work wise. I'm getting down there on the yo-yo's to sew up. I'm going to have to get the rest of the unfinished ones that are in the bag at home.

Oh and this morning I have dropped all my birthday cake weight woohoo. I really need to go to the store and get some salad and fruit stuff though. I still have the menu I had made and never bought the stuff for too lol. Seems silly to make a big meal for just Ann and I though, she hardly eats much. She might be getting another Whopper Jr this weekend. We'll see if she still likes it ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

How old again is your MIL? I think you made a good point with putting that little picture in a frame for her. Wouldn't it be fascinating to know what is really going on in their minds? When my Dad got like this there were moments when it was "here" and then the rest of the time he was in his own little world and we just played along.

Julie H said...

@Peg she is almost 92

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