Monday, February 7, 2022


Good morning happy Monday from MIL's kitchen table. I started off in here this morning since she was up and at it when I got here. She wheeled her walker into the kitchen and go the jug of milk (1/2 gallon) put it in her walker and was on her way back to her bed to fill her cup.

She was up and alert for a bit but now she's snoozing again. Might go into the other room to absorb the sunlight and make more noise ;)

Yesterday I spent the day doing laundry and some food prep. I made some more chicken salad which I'm debating eating for breakfast lol. This was my lunch after I got it done yesterday. One "serving" isn't really enough for a whole meal but it works good as a filler. 

I got almost all the laundry done I just need to bring in the stuff that is in the dryer. Scott went to the store to get some stuff for his mom's house and got the missing things I needed to cook this recipe for dinner. I packed up what I had at home and went over there to make it. 

I make mine with all ground turkey because beef is expensive.  If I'm going to pay for beef it's not going to be ground lol (unless I'm cooking for Jessica because she hates ground turkey).

Oh MIL is awake again going through her stories. She keeps telling me that when she got married men had to be 24. How is that even possible? I need to find out if this is true lol. I'm wondering if she is just mixing up having to have a witness with permission. 

Today we are going to have Chinese food for dinner at my house to celebrate my birthday (which is tomorrow). Need to figure out what time to leave/get the food and then go home and run the vacuum and clean myself up a bit. Tomorrow will be weird not going out lol. Usually I take my birthday off of work too so I'm like should I still take it off even though I can't really go anywhere... Hmmm lol

Can't think of anything else so there you have it. Going to work on the emails I didn't do on Friday so I'd have something to do today ;)


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