Friday, February 4, 2022


Good morning happy Fri-Yeah! 
I think I actually slept pretty good last night except for having to take the dogs out at 2am. That's got to stop, it's just plain rude lol.

Yesterday's breakfast, a omelet with some turkey pepperoni and a tiny bit of cheese. I think I'll have the same thing today. 

and dinner last night was Easy Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie. I usually make this in a cast iron skillet and use the big Grands but the store didn't have any and I haven't found a skillet yet here lol.

I'm missing being able to sew and my big window and my kitties and my dogs lol. I can't bring much fabric stuff over here since there is still a lingering smoke smell from when everyone smoked in the house. 

I thought this was cute (featherweight was a kind of sewing machine)

The other day I took off the cover of a cheap razor and sliced a little chunk out of my finger tip. It's amazing how much that bled (hours) and how much it hurt.

I worked on some more yo-yo's yesterday. Finished up this whole stack of little ones! Work is super slow right now. I am actually caught up of stuff that has to be done and I don't have much motivation to do anything that isn't in that category.

I hear mother in law moving around with her walker in the kitchen now. I wonder what she's up to. I just brewed myself some coffee so maybe she's getting herself a cup. Oh I hear stirring she definitely got some coffee.

Tonight we have darts. I think I am going to make her a simple dinner then head home early so I can fix myself up a bit (wash my hair etc lol). Next weekend Scott is supposed to go on his trip to his friends in Dallas, TX with his guy friends. Friday-Tuesday. I think that probably means I'm on MIL duty for the whole weekend unless someone shows up to help. I told him not to cancel his trip, he never does anything fun for himself. We'll see how it works out. 

My friend sent me a video about bile salts the other day. I ordered some to try out. I don't have a gall bladder and the video sounded like it might be a good thing for me so we shall see! I've never heard of them before. The doctors are like oh we took your gall bladder out just don't eat any fat anymore lol. Yeah ok that sounds reasonable. I took one this morning on an empty stomach. So far I haven't crapped my pants so that's a win! I watched another video from another person and it said if you have Celiac not to take it FYI Peg.

I can't figure out how to share the video here but if google you tube bile salts Dr Berg there are some videos.

I'm looking forward to doing laundry this weekend and cleaning up my house a bit. I've pretty much just came home, fed the animals, and went to bed every day this week. I needed to do laundry before all this started so I REALLY need to do it now. 

Ok that's all I've got, have a good day!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Thanks for the heads up! What is this supposed to do exactly? Sounds like it will clean you out.
I too was looking forward to doing some hard core cleaning - what the hell is wrong with us Julie?

Julie H said...

@Peg, I think basically your whole system gets kind of inflamed if it can't process things correctly and this helps. I was told I had a fatty liver when I had my gall bladder out and my liver numbers were high on my last blood test so I figure it can't hurt.

I don't mind cleaning if it's my own mess haha.

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