Saturday, February 19, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! Reporting in from my kitchen table. Ahhhh so nice to be home!  I've got my bedding in the washer, cat box cleaned, cats got breakfast, dogs went outside for their business and started washing all the wonderful dirty dishes my son left in the kitchen.

This is my favorite spot at Scott's mom's house now. Probably should clean the window now that I see how dirty it is. This spot gets sun for probably 4 hours. It feels wonderful!

Yesterday was pretty much uneventful at mil's house other than when I went in and she was sitting there eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon. At lease we know she won't starve as long as she can make it to the pantry lol. I was glad she didn't have the jar I bought for myself lol. Might have to push that to the back on the top shelf ;)

I left there at 6 hoping she wouldn't get into any mischief until Scott got home. I had just enough time to put jeans on and put some make up on (sadly not to do my hair) before darts. Eric subbed for Scott again and he won one game and Melissa won one and then our team won the last game that we all play together (501) so that was fun. 

We hung out until I needed to go to Jessica's to watch the baby for like an hour. I got there and no one was there. Daniel said they got stuck waiting for the train (there is one in Manteca that takes FOREVER sometimes and blocks like all the roads out). The baby was sleeping so he put him down and then Jess came home a little early so I didn't even stay. I did however get her left over club sandwich she brought home, it was delicious.

When I got back to the house the boys were outside playing with the golf cart and Melissa was looking through the pictures I brought home. They stayed til 11:30 then I went to bed and crashed out.

I thought this was funny lol. Bullying by being like why did you leave your laundry right next to the dirty clothes hamper and stuff like that ;)

I sent my brother a text that I wasn't going to make it to the birthday party today. I just need to stay home, I'm so mentally exhausted and need to recharge! After I get the dishes done I'm going to work on my little paper project some more to get that finished up soon hopefully. It is taking me forever since I'm hardly ever home. I can't sew until I get that cleaned up lol. Oh also have to pack up three Etsy sales to get in the mail too. Need to hurry that one up first I guess!

Hope you have a relaxing weekend, ewe all need one!


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