Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Good morning happy Wednesday! I'm glad it is almost the weekend, I can't wait to stay home on Saturday. Although it is my niece's birthday party. I think. I need to double check when that is. 

It was so nice to go home and be with all my animals. All my little emotional support babies haha. Rusty paid me back for being home by having to to out at 1am. I almost forgave him ;)

This morning I found my Valentine's exchange my mom dropped off. Yeah more candy. I left that at home. I'd eat the whole thing for breakfast if I had it here with me. 

When I got to mil's this morning she looked a bit disheveled. Apparently she crawled on her hands and knees in the living room to open the huge drapes. Jesus. She said her dad was cheering her on too. I'm wondering if he's just here to comfort her or to help her along on her journey.

She's not going to be able to be left alone at all doing this weird shit when she's by herself for 2 hours. She's full of her little stories this morning too. Hopefully she'll fall asleep soon and take a nap. She needs a reset button. She's still complaining about how the medical assistant "scrambled her eggs" yesterday. She put a little reader thing on her toe (like a big clothes pin) and she's acting like she got abused lol. She says that was my toe I injured (last week it was her other foot that that injured toe was on).  If I had not been here she'd have everyone convinced that they beat her up. I can just imagine how she would be with an outside person being here every day or if she was in a facility. 

I was finally able to weigh myself this morning and even though I over ate frozen pizza and had In & Out for dinner last night I was still able to lose a pound and half. Woohooo. I brought the last meat I had in the freezer to cook for dinner, a whole chicken. Hopefully it thaws out in time to cook later. I need to go to the store and get my menu stuff so I can be back on track with healthy food to eat again. This frozen meal stuff is for the birds (plus it gives me something to focus on for an hour while I'm cooking). 

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