Monday, February 14, 2022


 Good morning happy Valentine's Day Monday! 

I'm not really feeling all that happy but I guess it's a buck it up type day haha.

I always say I don't even like myself after 3 days with someone so I'm ready for Scott to come home tomorrow so I can go to sleep in my own bed with my annoying animals haha.

Yesterday I finished all my valentine's and then went home for awhile. I left Ann sitting on the edge of her bed eating some graham crackers and milk (she is made up of 75% of milk, I hate drinking milk and I'm like so gross, and whole milk too). She was so much like her old self the last couple days, on the way home I was thinking if she is like this we could probably just come for meals and to make sure she's doing ok.

I go home and play with my animals, make myself a little late lunch.
Trevor apparently slept in the living room on his cot

Attempted an omelet that turned into a little bit scrambled, kind of a metaphor for life eh?

Tubby sleeping on dirty clothes, much more comfy than the cute bed I bought them. That basket needs to be tossed but it will take up the whole trash can so it just keeps getting kicked around until we go to the dumps again.

Packed up my little Valentine's so my mom can pick them up. Trevor came home and we went for a ride around the block and to get the mail in the golf cart my mom gave us. He's been working on cycling the batteries and it has went from only being able to go around the block once to about 4 times so it is getting better.  It was so nice to be outside with the sun out and everything is green.

Then I worked on my little paper project a bit, bagging them up by colors. THEN I get a call from MIL's neighbor that she had walked across the street and told them she thought she had been abandoned. ABANDONED! She didn't even miss a meal yet lol. It was only 4 hours. So I was like ok I'm on my way back right now. Get back and she's doing the exhausted thing she does. Yes, yes you are exhausted lol. I'm like did you get scared? I told you I was coming back. So no, not good enough to leave for just meals, maybe not leave much at all. I guess if I want to go home again I'm going to have to pack her up with me. Good thing Trevor is off work for a couple of days to be with the animals.

I was so annoyed with her. I felt bad for being annoyed but I couldn't help it. I made her some dinner which she ate 1/4th of and then she laid back and moaned about being sore but didn't want to change her pain patch that was expired from actually working anymore since it was like 6 hours old. If I would have had some booze here I most definitely would have had a drink but I settled for my Diet Mt Dew then made this cake I saw on Tik Tok. I do not recommend it but it was interesting lol. One box of angel food cake and then a can of pie filling (I used strawberry) and then you mix just those two things together and cook. Here it is all puffed up. When I came back a little bit later it had deflated. Kind of like a sweet sponge. Not really worth 190 calories. Probably throw it away later.

Might have to Instacart some underwear since I didn't pack any (thinking I could just run home for a bit every day). I sneezed earlier and was like OMG. Whew all ok haha. 

Ok time for a 2nd cup of coffee! Today is my week weigh in day but I guess that will have to wait for Wednesday since MIL has the old dial scale and I can't even see the lines if I stand on it LMAO. 
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